Agile Learning meetups in London

Just cross-posting this here for comprehensiveness of the record…

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Having taken a few soundings — and please complete our short Agile Learning survey if you haven’t already, as we’re keen to get a broader input — the first meetups are under way in London.
Photo of meetup at the start of August

Where next? Evolution, not revolution. Here are some things we could do in future meetups

  • guest-led discussions — we’ve had great sessions with Pat Kane, A.J. Pape, Temporary School of Thought, Lottie Child, Steve Lawson and others
  • group interviews — in the last two weeks, I’ve done interviews with Tony Hall and Dougald Hine at the Wednesday meetup (these will appear here when transcribed, but I have a backlog), and it seemed to work well allowing extra scope for other participants to ask questions and turn it more into a group interview than a one-on-one
  • review resources and case studies — shall we have a critical look at things like the Learning Revolution resources or investigate what we can learn from the Hole in the Wall experiences?
  • explore and solve problems — people can bring challenges to us and we can chew over how we might go about solving them — for example, I’ve been approached about a group setting up a free school in London, or how to help people learn to build hexayurts in disaster zones.


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