Creating a reading list of the best books about everything, learning project by @philgyford

May be more of a conceptual project than an actual one (it’s not clear whether this reading list will every exist in a form you could call complete). But this chimes with our current interest in brainstorming learning projects without the implicit discipline of having to do them — see our London meeting tomorrow

Clipped from

Septivium is an attempt to create a reading list of the very best books about everything.

Even educated people have huge gaps in their general knowledge and we’d like to help them fill those gaps. There are three things we need to do:

  1. Create a list of subjects that cover everything we’d want to learn about.

  1. Find the very best book(s) about each subject. If you’re going to read one book about human biology, or 20th century history, or continental philosophy, or any other subject, what should it be?

  1. Start a book group in which people could start reading about an area (the very best science books, the very best history books, etc) and discuss thoughts and ideas with fellow readers around the world.

The weblog explains difficulties and progress with tackling these and the wiki is somewhere to begin putting the list of subjects and books together.



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