‘Heated debate’ about the effectiveness of lectures as a teaching format, kicked off by @donaldclark

Donald Clark did the opening keynote lecture at the ALT-C conference last week, and used the opportunity to lay into the lecture format. I’ll post the video and transcript of the lecture when available, but here’s Donald’s response to some of the criticism and feedback he got via Twitter. The ongoing debate in the comments … Continue reading

Hole in the Wall learning – Sugata Mitra’s wiki of papers & resources


Jay Cross interviews John Seely Brown about the roots of informal learning

There’s a slight irony in that many non-specialists may find this discussion of the problems with abstraction in learning… a little abstract. But there is good stuff here, including the background to the Institute for Research on Learning, and what Jean Lave learnt from how people learn in Africa. Clipped from http://www.internettime.com Nowadays, my learning … Continue reading