“Learn to exercise mindful deployment of yr attention online to become a critical consumer of media” @hrheingold

Howard Rheingold gives latest thoughts on the “five social media literacies”, focusing mainly on attention, and also explaining some of his own teaching practice. See also comparison with Guy Claxton’s characteristics of a confident explorer/researcher http://alchemi.co.uk/archives/ide/progressive_aus.html#literacies

Clipped from www.educause.edu

Social media—networked digital media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and wikis—enable people to socialize, organize, learn, play, and engage in commerce. The part that makes social media social is that technical skills need to be exercised in concert with others: encoding, decoding, and community.

I focus on five social media literacies:

  • Attention
  • Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Network awareness
  • Critical consumption

Although I consider attention to be fundamental to all the other literacies, the one that links together all the others, and although it is the one I will spend the most time discussing in this article, none of these literacies live in isolation.1 They are interconnected. You need to learn how to exercise mindful deployment of your attention online if you are going to become a critical consumer of digital media; productive use of Twitter or YouTube requires knowledge of who your public is, how your participation meets their needs (and what you get in return), and how memes flow through networked publics. Ultimately, the most important fluency is not in mastering a particular literacy but in being able to put all five of these literacies together into a way of being in digital culture.

Read more at www.educause.edu

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  1. Lucy Johnson says:

    @agilelearn wonderful stuff.

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