Tomorrow’s London meet-up has Andrew Davis (MySpace, BBC,EdExcel) on why teachers need to understand social media

Looking forward to this – Thanks to Lucy Johnson (@clumie on Amplify or @creativeducator on Twitter) for setting this up!

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Andrew Davis on applying social media to help schools and educational institutes

We’ve invited Andrew Davis of Edexel, Myspace and the BBC to come and chat to us. Andrew is is the founder of Digital training company, The Worst Kept Secret (TWKS), where his focus is on training teachers and facilitating lesson plans and career options. Last year, Andrew created and launched ‘Social Media Fundamentals’ –- the UK’s first social media course for GCSE students. This ground-breaking program was successfully piloted in a London secondary school where it helped to improve students’ grades and train teachers. Andrew will be talking about why he went into education and the importance of teachers understanding social media and career paths. Find out more directly from him at our meeting.

South Bank

Floor 5

London SE1
0844 875 0073

Change Place



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