Ragged Uni: free, peer-based learning

Another model of peer-based self-organised learning, based so far in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, and London (though Glasgow seems the most active by some distance).

In addition to the “everyone has something to teach” ethos, the Ragged University is also working on a hub of free educational resources, supported and discounted entry into formal education, plus other collaborations and partnerships. The latter include support from the Open University — does anyone know what kind of support? the website doesn’t make this clear.

The RU takes its inspiration from the Ragged Schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the UK.

London LectureThe Ragged University provides free, entertaining education for everyone. The classrooms are pubs and cafés and the teachers are you and me.

Learning is fun. Knowing is useful. Formal education isn’t for everyone, but everyone deserves a place to find out more about their world. The Ragged University is that place.

We encourage flexible and diverse debate with books, open source accredited lectures and many other reliable sources of knowledge. We promote the use of all manner of technologies and media in the presentation of informal, entertaining and free education.

On these pages, you can find out more about our inspiration and ethos, how this idea actually works, and the ways in which we are working to make learning more accessible and entertaining. You can also find out about the Ragged Press, a project which will bring not-for-profit publishing services to authors and readers.

Read more at www.raggeduniversity.com


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