Why and how learning and development must become more agile by @cliveshepherd

Clive Shepherd doesn’t use the term ‘agile’ in this pithy assessment of what’s driving change in learning and development (l&d), but all the changes he lists take us in the direction of greater agility.

There’s also an interesting observation from Jay Cross in the comments: why wouldn’t you continue this way even if there wasn’t depressed economic activity?

The markets have woken up to the fact if you’re going to tackle crippling levels of national and personal debt then that necessarily means spending less and that economic growth will suffer as a result.
prolonged periods of depressed economic activity will have an effect on l&d
This situation is not temporary. It isn’t just a case of the normal  economic cycle taking its course. It won’t be enough to just keep your head down and hope that in a couple of years it will all be back to normal. We have to get used to working smarter and for l&d that’s likely to mean the following:

  • Less courses, more resources: Teach the really important things well and reinforce with online information available on-demand.
  • Less face-to-face, more online: Some courses are still needed, but they don’t always have to be face-to-face nor do they need to last for days at a time. Live online events run in virtual classrooms can be just as effective and are typically much shorter.
  • Less live, more self-directed: Live sessions are hard to schedule and inflexible, so provide more of your learning materials as small modules available anytime any place.
  • less trainer-led, more peer-to-peer: Enterprise social media tools make it far easier for employees to seek help from and share expertise with their colleagues. You won’t have time to teach everything, so don’t even try.

Read more at clive-shepherd.blogspot.com


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