Good to see things hotting up @UnivProject, starting with Universities: Past & Future event in October

Looking forward to this free weekend event in London, and finding out/contributing to how the plans hatched by Dougald Hine (@Dougald) and others are taking shape

Welcome to the University Project

A whole set of forces are coming together to disrupt higher education as we know it – here in the UK, and all over the world.

Pressures within institutions, economic crisis, staff morale, student debts and graduate unemployment challenge existing models. Out of necessity and out of a desire for something better, these pressures are provoking new experiments around the edges, in pockets within existing institutions, or on the outside.

All of this is taking place at the same moment that we’re discovering the social potential of networked technologies, and seeing the emergence of new kinds of collaborative productive spaces – coworking spaces and accelerators, hacker and maker spaces, fab labs and media labs.

The University Project began with the idea that it might be possible to reimagine and reinvent the university, out of the coming together of these forces. We’ve been invited to make use of Hub Westminster - a new collaboration space for changemakers in the heart of London, a block away from Trafalgar Square – as a base from which to explore these possibilities.

So we’ve decided to start by using our base here in London to offer a platform, to make this flourishing of experiments more visible and help tell its stories.

Universities: Past & Future

14-16 October, Hub Westminster, London

Please join us for a weekend of conversations & encounters, exploring the past and the future of the university.

This is a free event. The idea is to bring together people involved in all kinds of projects and experiments in creating new pockets and pathways for the cultivation of knowledge, within or outside of existing institutions. Let’s share our stories and experiences, find places where we can collaborate or support each other, and remember the long history of the invention and reinvention of the spaces in which we learn.



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