Why and how learning and development must become more agile by @cliveshepherd

Clive Shepherd doesn’t use the term ‘agile’ in this pithy assessment of what’s driving change in learning and development (l&d), but all the changes he lists take us in the direction of greater agility. There’s also an interesting observation from Jay Cross in the comments: why wouldn’t you continue this way even if there wasn’t … Continue reading

How widely known is the Cape Town Open Education Declaration? #OER #ocw

I’ve been meaning to pass this on for a while… The Cape Town Open Education Declaration calls for free, adaptable learning materials and open technologies to facilitate collaborative learning. It was first ‘issued’ over three years ago, though I only came across it a few months back — so I’m wondering how well this is … Continue reading

OERs in a global context – preview of eLearning Africa debate

I confess to being a little puzzled by Neil Butcher’s defence of OERs, which seems to be based around the same ‘freemium’ model touted to other ‘content industries’ like music. It goes something like: give away your core offering to build your profile, then build revenue from additional products/services sold on the strength of that … Continue reading

Ragged Uni: free, peer-based learning

Another model of peer-based self-organised learning, based so far in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, and London (though Glasgow seems the most active by some distance). In addition to the “everyone has something to teach” ethos, the Ragged University is also working on a hub of free educational resources, supported and discounted entry into formal education, plus … Continue reading

Research says making learning materials more difficult to read can significantly improve student performance

This research finding should probably taken with caution until it has been replicated in other contexts — and see the comment on the original blog post about the research design. But, if the findings are backed up, the conclusions are provocative. Clipped from bps-research-digest.blogspot.com Making learning materials more difficult to read can significantly improve student … Continue reading

Nice reflexive little snippet of our weekly self-organised learning discussions by @TonyHall

Note: this is actually a video. If it doesn’t display as such, please click through to the original post to see the video (Amplify and Posterous don’t seem to share content well between each other – possibly not a coincidence!). “We seem to be moving towards recording everything.” This gives a tiny flavour of the … Continue reading

One more intro to Communities of Practice & learning therein (3/3)

This introduction is a little heavier on the terminology, but includes a good video and a useful table (which Amplify won’t reliably paste for me) Clipped from http://www.innovativelearning.com Communities of Practice The idea of communities of practice (CoP) is that learning occurs in social contexts that emerge and evolve when people who have common goals … Continue reading

Situated learning and communities of practice (post 2 of mini-series 3): concise and clear summary/intro

Thanks to @TonyHall for passing this on. Clipped from http://www.infed.org the social/situational orientation to learning It is not so much that learners acquire structures or models to understand the world, but they participate in frameworks that that have structure. Learning involves participation in a community of practice. Attending to a behaviour; remembering it as a … Continue reading

Does University of the People’s free model rely on #OER & gifted time from retired profs & librarians?

It’s quite difficult to work out from the website quite what the foundation of the model is, but Open Educational Resources and gifted time seems to be part of the mix. This would be a really interesting case of the disruptive potential of OERs. Clipped from http://www.uopeople.org ABOUT US AND HOW TO GET TUITION-FREE ONLINE … Continue reading

Doug Gowan on how to help organisations become self-reliant in organising their learning, London, 29 Sept

Really looking forward to this discussion! Clipped from http://www.meetup.com Doug Gowan runs Open Learning Partnership, a small charity that provides learning services to public and third sector organisations, such as the TUC and the NHS. We will be asking Doug how to help organisations become self-reliant in organising their learning what we can learn from … Continue reading