Neat idea: lets you make a $25 student loan to individuals in developing world

As they say, “This is a natural expansion of our mission to help alleviate poverty through lending, and it’s just the first step. In the coming months, we’ll be expanding beyond the current three countries and into markets where student lending doesn’t even exist… see just how much of an impact $25 can have.” Clipped … Continue reading

Innovating in Education, Educating for Innovation: presentation slides on disruptive and incremental innovation


Open educational resources, creative commons and efficiency in learning

Includes some case studies which claim efficiency savings – though they’re mostly “in principle” savings in certain parts of the process than hard, “in practice” figures that cover the whole life cycle. Clipped from Do Open Educational Resources Increase Efficiency? One of the questions people often ask about Open Educational Resources is “do they really … Continue reading

Alistair Fitchett (@unpopular) on the challenges of achieving radical, far reaching change in schools

Also an interesting perspective on the government’s Free Schools initiative and the risk that ‘take up’ will come not from those committed to transforming teaching and learning (can we still call them ‘progressives’? probably not) but from private and niche interest groups. Clipped from It is the thesis of this book that change—constant, accelerating, … Continue reading

Being challenged to ask good questions stimulates new learning – 3 min video of @jobsworth on teaching & learning

Hat-tip to Seb Schmoller for sharing the link. Clipped from The other key things that stood out were that learning is about asking questions rather than answering them.  If we’re still asking questions then we’re still learning, we mustn’t stifle our desire to learn.  He also highlights the importance of sharing and feedback, the … Continue reading

‘Heated debate’ about the effectiveness of lectures as a teaching format, kicked off by @donaldclark

Donald Clark did the opening keynote lecture at the ALT-C conference last week, and used the opportunity to lay into the lecture format. I’ll post the video and transcript of the lecture when available, but here’s Donald’s response to some of the criticism and feedback he got via Twitter. The ongoing debate in the comments … Continue reading

Hole in the Wall learning – Sugata Mitra’s wiki of papers & resources    

Jay Cross interviews John Seely Brown about the roots of informal learning

There’s a slight irony in that many non-specialists may find this discussion of the problems with abstraction in learning… a little abstract. But there is good stuff here, including the background to the Institute for Research on Learning, and what Jean Lave learnt from how people learn in Africa. Clipped from Nowadays, my learning … Continue reading

Oddly these “5 ways tech startups can disrupt the education system” all take schools and classrooms as “givens”

How disruptive can you be if you assume that the basic of architecture and power relationships of education are going to remain unchanged? I can’t help feeling frustrated that this piece half-recognises that learning could take radically different forms — see the excerpt below — but then talks about working within existing structures. Clipped from … Continue reading

Creating a reading list of the best books about everything, learning project by @philgyford

May be more of a conceptual project than an actual one (it’s not clear whether this reading list will every exist in a form you could call complete). But this chimes with our current interest in brainstorming learning projects without the implicit discipline of having to do them — see our London meeting tomorrow Clipped … Continue reading