Innovating in Education, Educating for Innovation: presentation slides on disruptive and incremental innovation


Oddly these “5 ways tech startups can disrupt the education system” all take schools and classrooms as “givens”

How disruptive can you be if you assume that the basic of architecture and power relationships of education are going to remain unchanged? I can’t help feeling frustrated that this piece half-recognises that learning could take radically different forms — see the excerpt below — but then talks about working within existing structures. Clipped from … Continue reading

Education is trapped in a managerial mindset, accountable but not responsible

Large degrees of abstraction and stating-the-obvious in this interview, but this critical observation seemed worth sharing. Clipped from What opportunities does radical innovation open up to education leaders? Times change, needs change, demand changes, education changes and radical innovation opens up the opportunity for more disruptive and game plan changes. The reality, however, is … Continue reading