Entrepreneurship accelerator threatens to disrupt Higher Ed model – or is it emperor’s new clothes?

It’s difficult to know what to make of the General Assembly ‘accelerator’ that’s at the centre of this post, because there’s so little detail. “So will we open a bunch more campuses? Put all our classes online? Start training executives? We don’t know,” writes cofounder Brad Harvgreaves in a linked article (http://www.businessinsider.com/general-assembly-financing-expands-abroad-2011-9). “Right now we’re … Continue reading

A ‘starting over again’ school for design and architecture professionals

Still in early stages of development and supported by design thought-leader (I hate that term, but it feels authentic here) John Thackara @johnthackara. He refers to it as “A feral encounter, [which] brings people into contact with the lived reality of a situation.” (http://observersroom.designobserver.com/johnthackara/post/in-praise-of-the-feral-update-on-xskool/29608/). A pilot group “embraced the idea of no curriculum, no standardised … Continue reading