Education is trapped in a managerial mindset, accountable but not responsible

Large degrees of abstraction and stating-the-obvious in this interview, but this critical observation seemed worth sharing.

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What opportunities does radical innovation open up to education leaders?

Times change, needs change, demand changes, education changes and radical innovation opens up the opportunity for more disruptive and game plan changes. The reality, however, is that this is very hard for educators to do in the present cultural climate. We have trapped ourselves in a managerial mindset in which everything must be pre-programmed, pre-planned and excessively managed. Accountability has replaced responsibility. This, together with an over inquisitive and persecutory press, has made us timid. We want change but we don’t tolerate the process of change. We don’t tolerate failure, we expect perfectionism and we get scepticism and cynicism. Education leaders will only be able to engage in radical innovation if more empathy, ethics, tolerance and trust get a look in.


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