If you can spare a week in New York this autumn/fall, this looks like an intriguing & educational event

It may be a crucible for revolutionising learning, or it may be a way of schmoozing with the rising (and already risen) stars of post-institutional learning. Or a bit of both. The cost of registration appears to be extremely good value ($30-40), so if you’re near NYC and can spare the time, you’d be daft not to find out. At the very least, the librarians will be radical, even if no one else is.

Clipped from mobilityshifts.org

MOBILITYSHIFTS IS: provocative conversations, original ideas, engaging performances, workshops and art projects about learning with digital media.

In a high-energy context this summit will bring together artists, web developers, scholars, technologists, teachers, radical librarians, policy makers, critical legal scholars and learning activists.
MobilityShifts is grouped around the following subthemes:
  • Digital Fluencies for a Mobile World 
  • DIY U: Learning Without a School? 
  • Learning from Digital Learning Projects Worldwide
  • Policy

Read more at mobilityshifts.org


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