Wikispaces Projects: no classroom needed in theory, so why is one needed in practice?

Good to see that Wikispaces is adding more support for collaborative work to their offerings. These kinds of tools are really useful for people who want to organise their own learning. There’s just one fly in the ointment: people who want to organise their own learning can’t use them. That’s because Wikispaces is only making … Continue reading

Michael Wesch on the secret sauce of classroom teaching in the Web 2.0 world

Michael Wesch is perhaps best known for his YouTube videos like The Machine is Us/ing Us ( But he’s also an innovator in teaching methods in Higher Education. Below is an excerpt of an excerpt where Wesch explains what he thinks is the secret of his success. Click through fror the full article and podcast. … Continue reading

Learning innovation starts in the classroom? What if the world were the classroom? from @jaycross

This little snippet jumped out at me. Jay Cross has honed his arguments into great, pithy observations like this one. Clipped from The whole discussion rested on Pelosi’s (and nearly everyone else’s) assumption that learning takes place in classrooms. When I managed to get the microphone, I asked whether the issue wouldn’t go away … Continue reading